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Great question!  Please review the supplement facts below!


Another great question!  Please review the other ingredients list below:

The sugar alcohol xylitol doesn’t promote tooth decay, like many other sugary vitamins.  Also, studies have shown that xylitol helps support ear health in children.

Chelated minerals are minerals that have been chemically combined with certain amino acids that form “complexes,” which studies have shown are more absorbent to the human body!

Yes! This is an added benefit, as many parents have their children follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, which can often be low in important vitamins, such as vitamin D, iron and zinc.

The only other costs and fees associated with our product would be any required state taxes.  We never charge for shipping & handling, and make every effort to keep prices as low as possible!  Additionally, we have tried to create a simple pricing model, that rewards you for purchasing more, but still provides a great value if you only need one bottle at a time..

The short answer here is no.  Its is nearly impossible to make a powerful multivitamin, packed with the right nutritional values for your growing kids, and make it taste like candy.  

Sadly, this is why gummy vitamins have become so popular, but it is also why kids are often not getting any real nutritional value from their vitamins.  It would honestly save you money to just go buy them gummy bears.

We have done all we can to try to make this vitamin as delicious as possible, and most children have no issue with the flavor.  The hardest part is getting them to realize that in order to take a better vitamin, they have to get used to it not tasting like candy.

While most parents do not struggle with getting their kids to take these vitamins, there are kids who will go through an adjustment period.  This is most commonly due to children getting used to taking a real vitamin, with real benefits, instead of the gummy candy they’ve been used to.  

Most parents who have had this issue, simply provide their child(ren) with a glass of water, or small glass of juice.  Some parents have crushed up the tablets, and mixed them in with a juice or smoothie.

We have yet to hear of a child who was not able to get used to the flavor, and make it part of their daily routine.  Once they get used to it, it’s no different than brushing their teeth…and we all know how much kids complain about that!

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